Digital Reader Boards

Computerized electronic visual communication signage, specially manufactured for outside use. They are capable of displaying multiple messages in dozens of formats at intervals that meet your needs. Electronic Message Boards (as they are otherwise called) allow you to change your message at any time, as many times as needed, without the cost and hassle of replacing missing or broken letters. LED signs allow you to communicate more effectively with any person passing by at any time of day by changing the message of your sign to match the profile on the street. These boards are produced to withstand the harshest outside environment. They are also able to compete with the sun due to the use of ultra-bright LEDs. Not only are Digital Reader Boards programmable, but they also offer the capability to store messages for future or repeated use.

Conference Room 1024x683
Fox 21 A 768x1024
Innovation Self Storage 768x1024
Palmetto 770x1024
Southern First 764x1024
Untitled 2 763x1024
YMCA 768x1024



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